Our Team

Prof. Jiangfan Yu

Assistant Professor, SSE, CUHK, Shenzhen

Deputy Director (Executive), Research Center on Micro-nanorobotic Systems, Shenzhen Institute of AI and Robotics (AIRS)


Email : yujiangfan@cuhk.edu.cn

Contact : Room 312, Research A, Lower campus, CUHK, Shenzhen

Tel : (+86) 235-19582

   Prof. Yu is currently an Assistant Professor in SSE, CUHK-SZ, he is also the deputy director (executive) of Research Center on Micro-Nanorobotic Systems, Shenzhen Institute of AI and Robotics (AIRS). Prof. Yu received his B. Eng. degree from Harbin Institute of Technology, and his Ph. D. degree from Chinese University of Hong Kong (2018). He worked as a postdoctoral fellow in Chinese University of Hong Kong, and then, in University of Toronto. Prof. Yu's research interests mainly focus on micro/nanorobotics and medical robotics. He has been extensively working in swarm control of micro/nanorobots, including their fundamental modelling, actuation strategy, motion and reconfiguration control, and biomedical applications. He has published over 35 top journal and international conference papers, including Nature Communications, IJRR, T-Ro, T-Mech, Science Robotics and ACS Nano. Several of his journal papers have been indexed as ESI highly cited papers, and have been highlighted in Science, Nature and international press reports, such as CNN. He has also published 1 monograph. Dr. Yu won several impactful awards, including Nature Communications Top 50 physics articles, T-Mech best paper award finalist, CUHK Postgraduate Research Output Award, Hong Kong Young Scientist Award shortlist. He served as a guest editor for Micromachines and Frontiers in Robotics and AI; an associate editor for International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots 2019, 2021; and a reviewer for top journals and conferences, including T-Ro, T-Mech, RA-L, ICRA and IROS.

Lab Director :

PhD Candidates :

Hui Chen    (Y1)

B. Eng, Harbin Engineering University
M. Eng, Harbin Engineering University



Research Assistants :

Yuezhen Liu    (Y1)


B. Eng, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen




MPhil Candidates :

Qian Zou


B. Eng, Hainan University
M. Sc, University of Glasgow &

          University of Edinburgh


Email: zouqian@cuhk.edu.cn

Huimin Zhang    (Y1)

B. Eng, Dalian University of Technology



Alumni :

Weijie Ma  (visiting student)






Visiting Students :

Junhui Law


Ph.D. student in University of Toronto







Yibin Wang    (Y1)

B. Eng, Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai
M. Sc,
Carnegie Mellon University